DNOx® marine for engines up to 370 kW incorporates exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) in combination with CCT® active, a full flow active particulate filter.
The EGR system operates with the patented EGR valve which precisely controls the exhaust and inlet air mixture.
The exhaust concentration is optimized for all individual engine operational conditions.

The CCT active uses the on board fuel as the reacting agent to control the soot loading of the particulate filter.Fuel sulphur concentration must be < 50 ppm.

1. Catalyst Assy
2. DPF Assy
3. EGR Pickup
4. EGR Cooler
5. EGR Filter Assy
6. EGR Valve
7. Igniter Mixer
8. Injection Nozzle
9. T-HTR Sensor
10. P-DPF Sensor
11. Air Compressor Assy
12. Injection Manifold
13. Fuel Catch Tank Assy
14. T DOC In
15. T DOC Out
16. Control Cabinet Assy

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