Key Components

Meeting Future Engine Emission Standards Today

As engine emission standards develop worldwide, STT Emtec continues to provide its customers with a choice of leading-edge technologies that meet ever more stringent national requirements and local demands.
STT Emtec through its resources has been able to develop an ever-growing product portfolio to reduce emissions beyond legislated requirements in markets such as On -and Off-road, stationary power and marine market.

A Competent Partner

Thanks to major investments in both, state-of-the-art engine laboratories and personnel, STT Emtec is seen as the partner of choice for meeting future emission standards today, by many Original Equipment Manufacturers and Retrofit Market Customers alike.

Since the beginning of the 21st century we have supplied components and knowledge to numerous OEM and retrofit projects worldwide involving long route EGR systems, HC-injection systems for active particulate filter systems and DEF-dosing systems for SCR.

Key Components overview

Electronic control systems


STT Emtec supplies electronic control units for our own complete emission reduction systems as well as for customer specific purposes.

– Power supply: 12-32 VDC
– Operating temp: -40 – +125 °C
– Protection: IEC529:IP47-69
– Weight: 0,3 kg
– Flexible interface
– Dual CAN-BUS
– Data logger function
– Can also be used in a master-slave configuration

Complete Control Cabinets or Panels

STT Emtec supplies complete custom control panels and cabinets for control & monitoring systems in stationary and marine applications.

– Built to custom specifications

Supply Pump

Designed for pumping DEF to the Dosing unit in our SCR systems but can be used for other medias and or purposes.

– Brushless, gear type pump
– Weight: 1,6 kg
– Maintenance free
– Reversible
– Flow: up to 150 l/h @ 4 bar
– Speed and direction controlled by internal ECU

Dosing Unit

The STT Emtec dosing unit is used for DEF dosing in SCR systems but can also be used as a HC (Diesel) dosing unit for active control of Diesel particulate filters.
Up to 6 dosing units can be controlled by one master control unit in a master slave configuration.

– High accuracy dosing
– Dosing capacity up to 38 kg/h (55 l/h possible)
– Air consumption: 40 l/m FAD
– Weight: 1,7 kg
– Protection: IP65
– PWM and period time-controlled injection valve

Injection Nozzle

– Coaxial design
– Highly atomized spray (air assisted)
– 20-25° spray angle
– Weight: 0,6 kg
– Material: Stainless steel, Teflon
– Custom lengths and flanges are possible upon request

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