About STT Emtec

Business idéa

Our business idea is to develop, market and deliver innovative solutions and services in exhaust gas cleaning, performance optimization, energy recovery and engine testing

Emission Systems

STT Emtec AB has over the years developed and sold emission reduction systems and technology for retrofit and the OEM market. The Emission reduction systems has been based on several different technologies such as EGR, active DPF systems, lean NOx and SCR systems. STT Emtec has focused on the key components of the systems such as dosing systems for HC and DEF( urea solutions), electronic control and monitoring. STT Emtec has also a very good relation with the leading catalyst suppliers and obtains the catalysts for complete systems from these suppliers.

STT Emtec offers complete emission reduction systems mainly for the marine market but the company is also involved in product supply and key component development for other markets such as power generation, rail vehicles, off-road and material handling machinery etc.

Engine Testing

STT Emtec AB has its own engine test centre with equipment and an organisation accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025. The engine laboratory utilizes state of the art test equipment for advanced measurement of engine parameters and exhaust emissions from heavy- and light duty engines. The engine laboratory offers engine testing services and related consulting services to our customers and plays a key role for our internal product developments.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be established as a leading knowledge company in exhaust gas treatment, emissions technology, engine technology and engine testing.

The company shall be an industrial partner and supplier of systems, key components and services to customers in the automotive, work machine and shipping industries worldwide

STT History

STT Emtec was founded 1981 and STT is short for Swedish Turbo Technique. At that time Diesel powered vehicles was considered slow and sluggish and STT AB focused its efforts on developing power enhancement products for Mercedes Benz diesel powered vehicles based on turbo charging.

Over the years the automotive industry has evolved and with the introduction of much more stringent emission legislation the direction for STT AB also changed to focus more and more on emission reduction technologies. In the late nineties and with the introduction of environmental zones in Sweden STT became a provider of emission reduction systems for busses and trucks operating in the environmental zones and the company name was changed to STT Emtec AB, where Emtec stands for emission engine technology, to reflect the new era.

Today STT Emtec is a company engaged in emission control and engine testing. The core business is development and sales of emission control systems for diesel engines and engine testing services with related consultant services.

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