Bospower IMO Tier III certified

Bospower is IMO Tier III certified with STT Emtec SCR Marine emission control system

Bospower provides marine and genset diesel engines to a market that operates within the Emission Control Areas (ECA) established to limit NOx emissions. To be able to do that you need to comply with the IMO Tier III regulations. STT Emtec provided their SCR Marine NOx-reduction system to reach those emission levels.

STT Emtec SCR Marine implementation

STT Emtec got their SCR Marine systems certified for a group of MTU engines, starting with a 4 engine pilot project on board MS Fjorgyn in Norway.

Bospower can now offer customers a range of power plants certified according to the IMO Tier III regulations.
STT Emtec is looking forward to many more installations with the SCR Marine in Bospower power plants in the future.

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