STT Testcell upgrades

Dynamometer upgrades in TC 1 and TC 3

STT Emtec is planning a restructure of the dynamometers used in test cells 1 and 3. The main objective is to facilitate more powerful engines and enable testing of E-Machines.

Test cell 3 upgrade

The Asynchronous dynamometer in test cell 3 has a nominal capacity of 660 kW and 4.400 Nm continuous operation. This will be upgraded to a new larger version, which will have the capability of 1000 kW (1MW) and 6.600 Nm of torque.

TC3 test installation in progress

Test cell 1 upgrade

Test cell 1 is currently equipped with an eddy current dyno with a capacity of 500 kW and 2000 Nm. This configuration has been serving us well during many long-running aging projects. Still, it sometimes falls short on demands of higher engine loads and running of transient cycles that includes both drive and coasting stages.
After the completion and commissioning of the new dynamometer in test cell 3 the previous dynamometer from Cell 3 will be installed in test cell 1 and thus not only increase the capacity but also broaden the type of tests that can be performed.

Putting it to work

The project also requires reinforced infrastructure, including building new facilities for the extra electrical switchgear and preparation for future tests of e-machines, laying down new and rerouting existing high-power cables, and, upgrading the control systems running the test cells.
The groundwork for this project will start in the second half of 2023 and is expected to be completed early 2024.
The project will ensure that STT Emtec AB is ready for the testing demands in the future years.

Published: 2023-05-16

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