Service and emission measurements

Service and emission measurements offered on STT Emtec’s older emission reduction systems

STT Emtec has been expanding their service and emission measurement applied on their latest installed systems and offering them to the older designs from STT Emtec in operation. The reason is to keep a high service level all over the installed systems line.

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NOx measurement

STT Emtec has been offering emission measurements of NOx on all the systems delivered in recent years. Meaning there are many systems installed before this service was introduced.

Seeing the purpose and demand for the same emission measurement in the old systems, STT Emtec decided to offer it there as well.

Measurement service

The STT Emtec are using a portable measurement device from Horiba, that will be brought to the site of customers’ installation, eg. a ship.

The measurement device will be connected to the exhaust pipe to sample exhaust gases while the engine is in operation and will measure and display NOx NO and NO2 in real time. To ensure correct levels are measured, the measurement device will be calibrated with reference span gas on site before measurement. All to make sure the measurement is correct.

STT Emtec considers this a good service that verifies the functionality of our systems and discovers any malfunction. All good practice to keep the systems in good operation

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