Reinforcement of technical support

Tech support

STT Emtec has strengthened the technical support offered to clients using their emission reduction systems. This will include both on-site at customer installation and from STT Emtec’s headquarters. Including testing of components, emission measurement, and problem-solving.

At customers installation

STT Emtec can provide their service personnel on site for late-stage installation and upstart of their emission systems, to ensure installation is correct and solve potential startup issues that might occur.

On-site updates of hardware and software can also be done by STT Emtec if needed.

Problem-solving on-site is an option if needed to get the system back into operation again. This often includes replacing components and updating software.

At STT Emtec headquarters

The most obvious remote support is by phone, email or videolink. Guiding and advicing customers from our headquarters is of course th most time and cost efficient option to solve an issue.

In case of component malfunction or suspected issue, customer can recive a replacement component and send the failing one to STT Emtec for testing, evaluation and if possible repair.

Software upgrades or replacements can be sent with email, with installation support and guidance from STT Emtec’s qualified service personel if needed.

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