Key Components

STT Emtec Key Components

Used outside our emission systems

Since engine emission standards develop worldwide, STT Emtec continues to provide its customers with a choice of leading-edge technologies that meet ever more stringent national requirements and local demands.

STT Emtec does not only provide complete emission reduction systems, we also have a growing market for key components used in various applications by service providers operating in markets such as On and Off-road, stationary power and marine.

There are many areas where combustion engines are used and have a need for emission reductions. For instance, gensets deliver electric power, either for permanent or temporary use in locations where the power grid is not present or insufficient, for instance at an off-grid mine operation or at an outdoor rock concert, they are also used as a backup power source for server halls, hospitals or other operations where uninterrupted power supply is paramount.

With increasing demands for reduced emissions in many areas, this is an expanding market.

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