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Turbo chargers and intercoolers

Turbo chargers:
Garrett GT15 with internal wg. (art no: 103504)
37mm inlet in compressor and 35mm out of turbine.

Picture 2.       Picture 3.


Price: 2600 SEK +VAT

Charge air cooler:
Charge air cooler, Valeo (art n0: 413-76-0007.0)
Valeo intercooler, 2,5kg weight. Powder coated black.


Price: 850 SKR +VAT

Intercooler core, valeo (art no: 413-00-0109.1)
Valeo core 470 x 170 x 50..


Price: 400 SKR +VAT

Charge air cooler (art no: 103488)
Intercooler 40x230x50, powder coated black.


Price: 500 SKR +VAT

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