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The KEPS project
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The KEPS project

STT Emtec initiates a research project with Mid Sweden University to develop supercapacitors for KERS application.

The KEPS project
To be able to contribute to CO2 reduction STT Emtec initiated a cooperation with Mid Sweden University, SCA R&D, Superior Graphite and Nordic Paper in 2013 to develop and test paper based supercapacitors for vehicle kinetic energy recovery systems (KERS).
The project is called KEPS (Kinetic Energy-recovery in Paper-based Supercapacitors) and is substantially financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and the County Administrative Board of Vasternorrland. KEPS is a research project within nanotechnology, paper technology and electronics that will proceed until 2016.
STT Emtec has a long history in emission reduction and now the focus is widening to reduce CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency by taking advantage of highly efficient and sustainable electric energy storage devices with high power density and potentially low cost.

More information about the project can be found under the tabs: Background, KERS, SC and News

Nicklas Blomquist

Ph.D student – Supercapacitors for KERS-application



The figure shows equipment used to produce electrode material and a picture on the electrode material from an electron microscope.

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