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Technical Papers

Technical Papers In Our Field of Expertise

Companies and individuals who want to develop technical solutions for the automotive industry need to market themselves in different ways. One way is to write technical papers and present them in publications or forums. Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is such a forum.

SAE is a non-profit organization of engineers where members regularly present the latest development within the automotive industry. SAE arrange regularly conferences where the papers are presented.

STT Emtec would like to increase the knowledge of emission control and have written several papers in cooperation with our partners.

DNOX with Ethanol Engines
Investigating the Potential to Obtain Low Emissions from a Diesel Engine Running on Ethanol and Equipped with EGR, Catalyst and DPF
DNOx in Heavy Duty Applications
NOx and PM Control from Heavy Duty Diesel Engines Using a Combination of Low Pressure EGR and Continuously Regenerating Diesel Particulate Filter
LP EGR Calibration Strategies
Low Pressure EGR Calibration Strategies for Reliable Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration on HDD Engines

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