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Systems for CR-Engines

STT Emtec CleanPower - Performance Systems for Common Rail Technology

Besides power and driveability, the ClenPower Performance System also focus on low fuel consumption and at the same time it fulfil the most demanding emission regulations. The results are verified in STT Emtec´s own engine test laboratory and certified by TÜV in Germany, an independent engine laboratory utilized by most of the major vehicle manufactures.


ClenPower is STT Emtec´s latest performance system built for Mitsubishi Pajero and L200 with common rail engines. It has been developed and tested during more than two years, The systems were finally introduced on the market early in 2008 and are now available directly from STT Emtec or from our distributors.


STT Emtec´s Performance Systems are exclusively developed for Mitsubishi´s SUV and pickup models. Today more than 10 000 systems are sold annually. Most of them are installed directly in Mitsubishi´s factory assembly lines in Brazil. In total, more than 50 000 systems have been sold. We can guarantee that a STT Emtec Performance System not only gives you maximum performance but also the best possible reliability on the market.


With the CleanPower Performance System the engine in your Pajero will produce a massive output of 196 Hp compare to the standard of 165 Hp. The torque will increase to 480* Nm from the standard of 380 Nm. The same figures for your L200 are 210 Hp compare to 178 Hp and 430* Nm compared to 400 Nm. The throttle response is highly improved. In lower rpm ranges the time to reach 400 Nm is reduced by 50%.

When you drive your Mitsubishi with a STT Emtec CleanPower Performance System, you will feel the difference.


CleanPower L200, pdf

CleanPower Pajero, pdf


* Maximum torque is limited due to gearbox design limitations.

For the best result in L200 tuning, Pajero tuning or Mitsubishi tuning. Avoid diesel-box or chiptuning. Most often, it is quickly developed and not propely tested.


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