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Our system components

HC dozing system

Our hydro carbon (Diesel) dosing system is often used for regeneration of active particulate filter systems. In this case, the system controls the exhaust temperature by dosing fuel into the exhaust stream that is oxidized over an oxidation catalyst. The fuel oxidation can be combined with a burner function.


The Hydro carbon dosing system can be used for other purposes in catalyst systems such as HC SCR, Lean NOx etc.


The main components are the Control unit, the dosing unit and the injection nozzle where fluid and gas are mixed.


SDL 16 - Monitoring and Diagnostic System

The Smart Datalogger, SDL 16, is one of the most flexible instruments available on the market for on-board diagnostic, monitoring and logging of data.


Our data logger is available in various designs and can be custom configured to your specifications.


Intelligent servo

Our intelligent servo is based on a stepper motor which gives good precision and high torque without gearbox. The Servo can be used to control throttles, valves or other. Possibility to set mechanical default position.


The Servo has the electronic control unit built in with eight analog/digital inputs but can also be controlled by data link.


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