The County of Västernorrland`s Environment Award to STT Emtec


The County Council of Västernorrland gives every second year a company or person an award for environmental work. The Environment Award for 2005 was given to STT Emtec AB for its work involving hi-tech knowledge, the advance of technology in the interest of the environment. Read the jury`s grounds.

"A child`s lungs can be damaged by relatively low levels of airborne pollutants. This damage is lifelong. A recent study of roughly 2,000 children who were monitored between the ages of 10 and 18, the period when a person`s lungs finish developing, and the children were exposed to varying degrees of air pollution in California. The results showed that 18-year olds from the most polluted areas of Los Angeles had only 80 percent of normal lung capacity.

Of the young people who grew up in cleaner areas only 1.6 percent suffered from reduced lung capacity. “Most surprising is that you can see a clear impact at relatively low levels of air pollution,” says Göran Pershagen, professor at the Institution of Environmental Health Medicine in Stockholm. The primary source of these pollutants is vehicle emissions and the worst place in Sweden is along Hornsgatan in central Stockholm.

This is a complex problem but it has great significance, and a decisive importance for people`s health and for sustainable development.

This means there is an overall responsibility for all public authorities who concerned with the environment and public health.

Presentation the company and award-winner:

STT Emtec AB is located in the county of Västernorrland, more specifically in the city of Sundsvall. Since 1981 the company has focused on the development of emission control systems as well as means to improve engine performance. The company currently employs 45 and it`s customers and commissions come from Sweden, elsewhere in Europe as well as Asia, Australia, and North and South America.

In other words, STT Emtec has lengthy experience in the development of high-tech products originating from its own research and development department. The R&D efforts have resulted in substantially lower emission levels as well as noticeable improvements in performance for both diesel and petrol engines.

In Sweden, diesel-powered private cars equipped with a particle filter can be eligible for a tax reduction as early as the coming summer. There is an interest in creating a special environmental category for diesel-powered cars with some type of particle filter. In addition, intensive efforts are underway within the EU to deal with this matter.

Since 1994 the County Council of Västernorrland has awarded an environmental prize for meritorious undertakings in fields such as the cultural environment, environmental undertakings at the school level and environmental engineering. This is the seventh time the Council has presented the award.

It is a great honour to present the County of Västernorrland`s Environment Award for 2005 to STT Emtec AB for its valuable contributions. The award consists of a check for SEK 25,000, a statuette by renowned Swedish artist Lars Widenfalk and a diploma with the jury`s grounds:

- for its work involving hi-tech knowledge, the advance of technology in the interest of the environment, good public health and regional growth."
Press Releases
More emission systems to Paper Mill.
The Paper Mill M-real in Husum has equipped five more terminal tractors with emission systems from STT Emtec.
New Managing Director
New Managing Director of STT Emtec as from Januari 28, 2011
Oslo Havnevesen (Oslo Port Control) goes green
STT Emtec contributes to a better environment at Oslo Port
STT Emtec supplies exhaust after-treatment systems for campers in Germany
STT Emtec AB has signed a supply agreement with the German company TWINTEC Technologies GmbH, for the supply of key components for particulate filters with active regeneration
New CEO at STT Emtec
New CEO at STT Emtec from January 1, 2009
STT Emtec and AS Nymo launch marine NOx reduction by EGR to the Norwegian market
Marine DNOx will allow vessel owners to reduce NOx emissions considerably, resulting in substantial environmental benefits.
STT Emtec launch new technology to Russia and Brazil
STT Emtec announces orders to Russia and Brazil amounting to 4 MSEK on all new developed power kits to the Mitsubishi Common Rail engine lineup
First order of Lean NOx exhaust reduction systems to Japan
STT Emtec announces the first order of Lean NOx exhaust reduction systems to Maruma Technica in Japan.
Excecutive Vice President
Micael Blomquist has been appointed  Excecutive Vice President
New CEO at STT Emtec
Anders Björk new CEO at STT Emtec from January 1, 2006.
Breakthrough in the USA after authority`s verification
California Air Reosurces Board, CARB, has verified a system from the filter manufacturer Johnson Matthey, called EGRT. The system is a combination between STT Emtec's emission control system, DNOx and Johnson Matthey's CRT filter.
The County of Västernorrland`s Environment Award to STT Emtec
The County Council of Västernorrland gives every second year a company or person an award for environmental work. The Environment Award for 2005 was given to STT Emtec AB for its work involving hi-tech knowledge, the advance of technology in the interest of the environment. Read the jury`s grounds.
Accreditation Expected to Give STT Emtec New Engine Test Business
The engine test laboratory of Sweden based company STT Emtec has been accredited according to the internationally accepted standard for engine laboratories ISO/IEC 17025. This was confirmed by the Governmental authority Swedac, -Board for accreditation and technical control. The accreditation assures that the engine test laboratory, a core off the company's Research and Development, meets this high standard.
Active Particulate Filter - Technical Progress that Widens the Market for Emission Controls
Sweden based STT Emtec takes another step forward in emission control for heavy and medium-duty diesel engines. The company has developed an active system for diesel particulate filters, which solves the problem with soot particulates by burning them. The system is based on catalytic combustion of diesel fuel injected into the exhaust gases.
Success in USA for STT Emtec´s DNOx® system
The Swedish company STT Emtec have been commissioned to deliver their own developed exhaust gas cleaning system for approximately 1000 heavy diesel transit busses in the state of Texas.
GIK Turboteknik New Owner of STT Emtec´s Turbo Repair Operations
STT Emtec, former STT Svensk Turbo Teknik AB, has more than twenty years of experience from turbo repairs, which has led to a great confidence among customers, in Sweden as well as abroad.
STT Emtec Continues Expansion
New Office in USA and Key Recruitment
Swedish Technology Used To Clean London Bus Exhaust Gases

Swedish technology will now be used to clean the exhaust gases from London's huge fleet of buses. STT Emtec, of Sundsvall, in collaboration with the Engelhard Corporation, an American filter manufacturer, has been commissioned to install exhaustcleaning systems in a number of London's 6,000 buses.

California Test Opens Gigantic Market For STT Emission Technology
The technology of STT of Sundsvall to reduce nitrogen oxides in diesel exhausts, is now undergoing its first big test - in California. California is renowned for having the toughest regulations in the world today for exhaust emissions, and is preparing even more stringent legislation. In April this year, STT signed a co-operation agreement with the US-based Engelhard Corporation, which specialises in advanced filter technology. That company is one of the world`s biggest suppliers of catalysts and systems to reduce pollution from combustion engines. This co-operation opens up a huge market for STT.
STT Holding, a candidate for being quoted on the stock exchange, solves the environmental problems of diesel
The environmental problems of diesel are high on the agenda these days. Political measures include raising taxes on diesel to reduce its use, thereby reducing environmental problems. The STT Holding AB Group in Sundsvall has made a technological breakthrough that makes it possible to significantly reduce harmful emissions from heavy diesel vehicles. STT is aiming at a listing on the stock exchange, and some of the biggest names in Swedish industry have decided to become shareholders in the company.
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