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Our Business Areas

STT Emtec operates in two business areas: Emission Systems and Engine Systems.

Being a technology-driven company, both business areas base their operations on STT EmtecĀ“s own research and development resources.

Emission Systems

The Emission Systems team contributes to a better, cleaner environment by focusing its efforts on reducing exhaust emissions mainly from diesel engines.

STT Emtec has proved that it is possible to upgrade existing diesel engines to meet both, current and future, much more stringent emission standards.

Engine Systems

The Engine Systems team develops and markets high performance systems, mainly for Mitsubishi 4WD-vehicles.

A standard engine performance is enhanced without compromising exhaust emissions. In some cases it comes along with lower fuel consumption.

All specific development projects are driven by the market needs and are being initiated by orders from automobile manufacturers worldwide and STT Emtec alone.

Research & Development

STT Emtec designs and develops all products, from concept to finished final product. For more than 20 years, the work has focused on the analysis and development of combustion engines.

Activities include:


  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Engineering and design
  • Advanced electronics
  • Testing and evaluations
  • Production of prototypes
  • Technical support to customers
Engine Laboratory

STT Emtec´s Engine Laboratory utilizes state-of-the-art test equipment for advanced measurement of engine parameters and exhaust emissions from heavy-duty diesel engines and light-duty smaller otto engines.

The Engine Laboratory offers consulting services to our customers and plays a key role in internal product development process of engines and emissions systems and sub-systems alike.

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