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• Up to 90 % NOx reduction ( >90% in the ISO 8178 E3 cycle).

• Up to 40 % PM reduction with a particulate oxidation catalyst (POC) option.
• Suitable also for retrofit.

SCR system for diesel engines


This system reduces NOx through selective catalysis with urea (sometimes known as Adblue) as the reduction agent. The urea will decompose to ammonia in the exhaust stream, which in turn will reduce the NOx on the SCR catalyst surface.

Compressed air is used to achieve a
high degree of urea atomization in the
exhaust. This, together with the flow



optimized mixer minimizes risk of
clogging and guaranties the high level
of performance and trouble free
The required amount of air is 25 l/min
(NTP) with a minimum pressure of 4 bar
(absolute). The system operates on fuel
sulphur levels up to 1000 ppm. With the
POC, sulphur levels must be < 50 ppm.

Up to 40 % PM reduction with a particulate oxidation catalyst (POC) pos.14.

System configurations to fit different engine sizes.

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