Mitsubishi L200 3.2-165Hp 2007-2012
Mitsubishi L200 3.2-165Hp 2007-2012
Mitsubishi L200 3.2-165Hp 2007-2012
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Mitsubishi L200 3.2-165Hp 2007-2012

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• Power increase up to 15% (190Hp)

• Maximized response and driveability

• Low fuel consumption in all driving conditions

• Maintaned low exhaust emissions

• Fulfills todays exhaust legislation

• Proven reliability. More than 75 000 Mitsubishi systems installed


STT Emtec Power Kit connects easily between the engine controller and wiring harness. The electronics fits behind the glove compartment and is not visible after installation.


The system controls the engine’s fuel pressure, injection duration, injectiontiming and active boost control. This allows the engine’s air / fuel ratio and turbocharger performance to be improved. Driveability and throttle response is maximized by the new TRS(Transient Response System) feature. STT Power Kit monitors all engine sensors to protect the engine from possible failures. The system automatically reduces the extra power if necessary, for example while driving at high altitude or during very hot conditions.


The system is automatically adapring to vehicle gearbox type (Aut/Man). Torque is reduced to 350Nm får aut. transmission.


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