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L200 / Triton 2,5 Di-D 178Hp


• Power increase up to 18% (210Hp)
• Maximized response and driveability
• Low fuel consumption in all driving conditions
• Maintaned low exhaust emissions
• Fulfills todays exhaust legislation

• Proven reliability with more than 50 000 systems installed in Mitsubishi vehicles


STT Emtec performance systems are exclusively developed for the Mitsubishi SUV- and pickup models. Today, more than 10 000 systems are sold annually. Most of them are installed directly in Mitsubishis factory assembly lines in South America. In total, more than 50 000 systems have been installed.
With the new Clean Power performance system, the maximum power in your L200 will increase from 178Hp to 210Hp and the torque from 400Nm to 430Nm without increase of vehicle emissions. You are guarantied superb performance and the best possible reliability on the market.


Technical description


Control strategy

The STT Emtec Clean Power system is able to control all enginesoftware calibration parameters. This includes fuel pressure, injector hold time and injection timing. The system also adds new hardware, enabling active boost pressure management to improve control of air fuel ratio and turbocharger workload. In all, the Clean Power System not only gives you more power and great driveability, it also guaranties low fuelconsumption at all times together with maximized durability and minimal environmental impact.
Testing and verification

All engine adjustments have been performed in STT Emtec’s own engine laboratory. Critical parameters such as maximum cylinder pressure, internal- and external temperatures, turbo speed and maximum injection pressure have all been monitored and strictly held within safe limits. The Clean Power performance system has undergone extensive long term testing under very harsh conditions, both in laboratory and in vehicle. All these tests have been carried out to make sure our product meet the highest of expectations.


Safety functions

The Clean Power performance system supervises all engine software parameters to protect the engine from any malfunction. It automatically reduces all extra power if necessary, for example during driving at very high altitude or under very hot conditions. All standard safety functions are of course still activated.


The Clean power system for L200-178 consists of: Control unit (ECU), Break Out Box (BOB), wiring and mounting details. The High Output version also consists a high capacity charge air cooler with mounting details.



Diagram below shows torque response when pushing accelerator pedal. Note that time from 0-90% of maximum standard torque is reduced by 69%! This thanks to extensive development that resulted in a new function for maximized driveability, called TRS (Transient Response System).

Diagram below shows power and torque for the three variants.

More about the charge air cooler


The OEM L200 charge air cooler is not performing very well. It is rather designed to make the car pass the emission test, than making high performance. When measuring emissions, the engine is running at low load conditions. At those conditions the charge air cooler is enough. In active driving, the charge air temperature is rapidly increasing, with increased thermal load to engine internals as a result (the power system reduces power in that case).


With our upgraded charge air cooler, the charge air temperature is strongly decreased. This will make the engine perform well even in warm weather and active driving. The pressure drop over the cooler is less than half of the OEM cooler which makes room for more power. Increased intercooler performance gives the diesel engine lower exhaust emissions.


At the picture below the OEM intercooler can be seen on the left and the STT Emtec upgrade intercooler on the right.

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