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Our Objective - The Best High Performance Products on the Market

STT Emtec improves the vehicles competitive position
The STT Emtec Engine Systems´objective is to offer car manufacturers, distributors and dealers alike, a possibility to safely exceed the competitors engine performance, thereby adding value to the end user.


Qualified organization
STT Emtec Engine Systems has developed a highly qualified organization within the field of electronics, mechanical design, advanced engine technology, engine testing and project management. The quest to constantly develop new engine concepts involves continuous investments in competent personnel, materials and testing equipment.

By providing a commitment and continual investments over the years, STT Emtec has been able to create an organization where innovative thinking has become a part of the company culture.


Impressive product range
STT Emtec has developed its products based on many years of experience in turbo systems and high performance products for both road and competition use. This wealth of experience has helped to develop an unrivaled product range that today mainly is focused on the Mitsubishi 4WD range of vehicles.


Rigorously tested and certified products
STT Emtec performs extensive tests during the development of a complete product. Before launching the products are certified by the authorities in the respective country. The products are mainly sold by distributors in each country. Installation is often made directly at the assembly plant but in many cases also in the aftermarket.

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