Glenn Berglund, Marketing Manager at STT Emtec AB retires


 "I will retire in October after 25 years at STT Emtec AB. I would like to thank all our customers and my colleagues for these great years at the company. My successor will be Anton Andersson."


 STT Emtec AB wishes Glenn a lot of happiness and success in his life as a pensioner.


Modernization of vintage vessel


The vessel skarpö has been operating passenger traffic in the Stockholm archipelago since 1965. Utö Rederi, who owns the vessel, has now invested in STT Emtec's SCRmarine to meet today's strict requirements and reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides/NOx. Skarpö is the tenth vessel in the Stockholm area to invest in SCRmarine from STT Emtec.


For further information, please contact Glenn Berglund

STT Emtec continues to invest in the engine testing facility


During the first half of 2019, we will install new equipment to expand our ability to simulate high altitude conditions in our engine testing facility. The current capacity of about 2 500 meters above sea level is expanded to more than 4 000 meters above sea level. The investment is made to meet the need for engine calibration during these conditions and to meet future emission requirements.


Contact Micael Blomquist for more information. 

STT Emtec - with focus on Environment

STT Emtec contributes to a cleaner environment by reducing exhaust emissions from engines. We are experts in emission reduction and engine technology covering EGR, SCR and particulate filters. We develop system solutions for the future.



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