Engine testing
Engine testing
Engine Test Cells
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Engine testing

STT Emtec - Your Partner for Independent
Engine Testing and Evaluations

Engine Test Centre in Sundsvall, Sweden
STT Emtec's Engine Test Centre operates state-of-the-art engine laboratories with advanced equipment for engine testing and gas analysis.


Three Well Equipped Test Cells
The Engine Test Centre has three test cells with capacity of running engines up to 660 kW. One test cell is customized for engine performance tests together with engine and engine system development for engines up to 500 kW. The other two test cells are fully equipped for emission testing on heavy duty diesel engines in accordance with current European, US and international regulations.


Testing and Development of Engines and Emission Systems on Consultant Basis
STT Emtec's Engine Test Centre assists in development projects and offers testing and ageing work on a consultant basis. Our competence is genuinely high in the areas of engine systems, engine components and emission systems.

STT Emtec has references from several leading international engine manufacturers.

All programmes and all testing are performed under strict confidentiality guidelines to protect customers interests and intellectual property.



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