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Actuators and valves

PWM-valve, boost pressure control valve (art nr: 104973)
Control valve for active boost pressure control. Fitting contact is 101293.


Price: 450 SEK +VAT 

Recirculation valve (art nr: 413-76-0004.0)
Can be used for recirculation or open. Same type are used for many OEM cars.
Price: 150 SEK +VAT 
Fuel injector, 630cc @ 3bar (art no: 103054).
Fuel injector, high impedance (12,5ohm). 630cc @ 3bar. Fitting contact is 103014.
Price: 850 SEK +VAT 
Fuel pressure regulator:
Fuel pressure regulator 3,0bar ( art no: 102188)
Linear fuel pressure regulator.


Price: 360 SEK +VAT 


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