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Accredited Laboratory - a Proof of Quality

STT Emtec's Engine Test Centre is accredited by Swedac according to the quality standard, General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories, ISO/IEC 17025.

The accreditation covers emission measurements as described by the European directives 2005/55 EC for emission measurement in the test cycles ESC, ETC and ELR. The accreditation also covers the international standard ISO 8178 for determination of emission levels.


Accreditation Guarantees Systems for High Competence and Updated Equipment
The accreditation shows that the STT Emtec Engine Test Centre is operating with a quality management system that covers all demands on competence, methods, equipment and result handling presented in the legislative test definitions.

Valid Information for Certification
Test result, covered by the accreditation and acquired under supervision of a technical service as for example TÜV in Germany or the EPA in US, can be used for certification and type approval.


Our engine test center has been appraised in accordance with VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) internal quality procedure to indicate our acceptability for official witnessed emission tests and COP purposes (according to 2005/55 EC). VCA is an executive agency of the United Kingdom Department for transport and is the UKs type approval authority and a leading certification body used by many vehicles manufactures.

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